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Membership Exerience: Committee

Core Values

Membership: Community
Membership: Philanthropy
Membership: Expectations



Buy Pitches

Identify a company/security, conduct relevant research and valuation, and present to the club as a potential portfolio addition our portfolio

Our members leverage research and in-depth analysis to identify investment opportunities for our portfolio. We primarily concentrate our efforts on buy-side investment strategies. Our holdings are balanced between fundamental, growth, and value positions.


Pitch against another team by determining and digging into potential risks and oversights


Members are given the tools and knowledge to be successful investors. We engage in the financial industry and global economics through weekly discussions on market news. Members learn a wide range of available investing fundamentals, and analysis techniques.


New Member Education

Carefully crafted curriculum for strong foundations in finance

Weekly Office Hours

Additional support available weekly

Interactive Applications

Content covered in education sessions are applied in hands-on activities

Professional Development

Membership: Committees

WCI provides resources and exclusive workshops to help members develop resumes, network, and prepare for interviews across numerous career fields. Members also have access to our expanding alumni network and mentorship from current students.

1-on-1 Mentorship


Speaker Events

Professional Checkpoints

Tailored resume feedback, mock interviews, recruiting insight, etc.

Bloomberg/Factset, Excel, resumes, cover letters, networking, etc

Hear from industry professionals

Stay on track with recruiting updates


WCI is proud to partake in charitable efforts through the Detroit Partnership. Additionally, we donate a percentage of our earnings each year to charity. Most recently, we have donated to Misericordia and the American Cancer Society.

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