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Investment Portfolio

Our members dive deep into specific industries and present investment recommendations to guide the management of our club portfolio.

Our Portfolio

We manage a $16,000 portfolio of stocks across seven market sectors, including TMT, Consumer Goods, and Financial Services. Throughout the semester, our analysts present investment recommendations based on technical and fundamental analysis of equities within their sector. We utilize a long-term hold strategy across our portfolio that allows us to mitigate unsystematic risk and capture stable returns.

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Educational Focus

With the help of an experienced sector head, our members craft investment theses and financial models to develop a critical eye for investing, strengthen technical skills, and discover day-to-day career responsibilities in finance roles.

Long-term Strategy

We base our investment strategy around the market's long-term upward trajectory. Our analysts collaborate to identify sound investments that leverage the market's momentum to realize reliable gains over 12+ month holding periods.

Responsible Returns

We believe our portfolio can be a catalyst for change. Each year, we donate a portion of our gains to causes selected by the Philanthropy Committee. Founded in 2021, our Sustainability Committee reviews the ESG impacts of new investment proposals.

Recent Philanthropic Causes

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