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The WCI Experience

We aspire to foster an environment of innovation and creativity, where collective learning and growth thrive. 


Our community is the single most important aspect of our organization.

We Are a Close-Knit Community...

Navy SEAL Holiday Cards 2021

Investment Pitches

Buy Pitches: Identify a company/security, conduct relevant research and valuation, and present to the club as a potential portfolio addition

Anti-Pitches: Pitch against another team by determining and digging into potential risks and oversights

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New Member Education: Carefully crafted curriculum for strong foundations in accounting and finance

Sophomore IB Education: Specifically designed for those interested in recruiting Investment Banking, this curriculum takes a step beyond the valuation methodologies in new member education

Weekly Office Hours: Additional support available weekly on Sundays led by Education VPs


Real World Applications: Content covered in education sessions are directly applied in hands-on activities

Professional Development

1-on-1 Mentorship: Tailored resume feedback, recruiting insights, and mock interviews


Workshops: Bloomberg, Factset, Excel, resumes, cover letters, and networking


Speaker Events: Hear from club alumni and industry professionals


Professional Checkpoints: Stay on track with recruiting timelines

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