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Philanthropy and Sustainability

WCI's founding mission has been to focus not only on investing but also making a positive social impact in the community around us.

Today, we remain dedicated to this mission by actively engaging in philanthropy and sustainability initiatives.

Club Committees

The Philanthropy Committee plans community service events and controls portfolio donations to selected charitable organizations. Participation in the Philanthropy Committee is open to all WCI members.

​The Sustainability Committee had undergone restructuring and had become a dynamic pitch sector.

Philanthropic Contributions

WCI, as a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, allocates a portion of our investment earnings to charitable donations. In 2023, we directed our proceeds to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness, emphasizing our commitment to making a positive impact on mental health advocacy.

Moreover, WCI actively engages in community volunteering and organizes charitable activities on a semester basis, most recently with the Detroit Partnership.

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