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Dynamic Market Driven

Adaptive Investment Strategies

Dynamic sectors may vary semester from semester, and are led by sector heads with unconventional investment theses that may not fit into our core sector strategies.

We provide resources for members and experienced sector heads to explore opportunities outside of traditional long-only investments.

Through our dynamic strategies, we wish to expose our portfolio to new alternative investments that will generate additional alpha.

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WCI Dynamic Sectors

Quant & Markets


Keertan Kompalli


Quant & Markets seeks to find profitable trades in all market conditions, employing a beta-neutral strategy to hedge against risks. 

Pitches may include long/short strategies, the use of derivatives, and various financial mathematical concepts to find profitable trades.

Distressed Debt


Yuval Gupta


Dollar Notes

Distressed debt investment involves purchasing the debt of companies or entities that are facing financial difficulties or are in distress.

Pitches will focus on the analysis of a company's debt structure and its potential for turnaround, offering high risk and high reward opportunities.



Eric Ly



Jayden Ramos


The Sustainability Committee has recently restructured into a dynamic sector.


ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) will be focused on pitching sustainable companies that meet our own ESG requirements.

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